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शामिल होने की तारीख: 12 अप्रैल 2022

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My name is Parvez Mahmood. I served in Pakistan Air Force for 30 years on Air Traffic Control, Administration and staff duties, including command of various units. After retirement, I did my Masters in Computer Science from Bahria University with winning a Gold Medal, and then MS in Software Engineering from Szabist. In the next fifteen years, I managed a few software companies, taught in NUST and trained engineering professionals in industry. Now I write on medieval history, social issues and narrate partition stories.

I am a son of migrants who had to leave their homes in Amritsar during partition of Punjab and then struggle hard to settle in their new homeland. My maternal grandfather was a survivor of Jallianwala Bagh massacre. I have heard a lot many stories about partition violence and it always filled me with sorrow. About six years ago, I decided to pen these stories to preserve them for posterity. I have received overwhelming positive response to my writings and I am grateful to my readers for that. Please contact me at

Parvez Mahmood

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